Frequently Asked Questions

I thought card processing wasn’t allowed in dispensaries.

It is allowed and widely used. We have various solutions that can accommodate your needs, whether it's online payments, payments over the phone, in-person, or delivery. We’ve established relationships with private banks and processors to bring you the safest, most reliable solutions that have been operational in the industry for years.

I thought the only way to get a bank account in this industry is to lie on the application?

No, there are banks that provide cannabis-friendly bank accounts, and that’s exactly who we work with. We’ve been able to build relationships with these banks allowing us to bring our clients over.

How many cannabis businesses use your solutions?

Hundreds of dispensaries, delivery services, and cannabis-related businesses are currently using our solutions across the nation.

What’s the benefit of having a card processing solution?

Our clients have been able to operate with less cash on hand, minimizing their exposure and risks, streamline the checkout process, and bypass bank deposit fees, all while seeing a significant increase in average order size.

I’ve heard that cannabis-friendly bank accounts are expensive, is that true?

It’s true that some banking establishments do charge excessive fees, however, we’ve taken the time to cultivate relationships with the banks that don’t do this. All of the banks we work with treat our clients right and fairly, supporting and assisting your growth.